Why I’m Ambitious

In my younger days I was ambitious because I wanted to enrich my own life and that of those I loved and cared about – friends and family. I succeeded and I’m grateful for the opportunities that allowed me to do so.

Nowadays, I’m ambitious because I want to enrich the lives of others. I want an opportunity to be the best boss in the world. I want to hire people for jobs they enjoy and find stress free, at least for the most part.

I want to give my employees daily missions – and if those missions are accomplished early, congratulate them and ask why they’re still sitting at their desk on a sunny day in South Florida while the beach is calling their name – and send them on their way – with a full day’s pay…

I hope to provide education through experience as well as opportunities that unlock the financial capability of furthering their education outside of our office. I hope to mentor young, ambitious people who have a desire to succeed in reaching their goals – and achieving their dreams…

These are some of the things that keep me “driven” today. I hope to achieve these goals through “Cars Connected” – which┬áI’ve been working on for several years now.

As of 2017 I now have a business partner, two employees and one more on the way. I’m still working toward the goal of having a brick and mortar office, hiring lots of ambitious people, and making my new aforementioned dreams come true – which in turn makes their dreams come true…

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