Our Vision

When we started Cars Connected we didn’t want to be another Facebook – or the same as every other social network out there. We intended for this place to actually bring automobile enthusiasts together – in real life – in real time. You know – to meet, shake hands, race, look at nice cars in person. We do realize that some of you want Clubs that ALL the members of your organization can participate in – and we’re thinking of a way to introduce this into Cars Connected without disrupting the flow of our original concept – of actually bringing people together

Perhaps our Club owners can build state-specific “chapters” of their clubs in Cars Connected – and then we can LINK them all together in an upcoming version. So fear not. We’re listening to your ideas and we’re thinking of new ways to make your experience at Cars Connected second to none…

I feel we often go to large world-wide social networks like Twitter and Facebook to interact with like-minded individuals because we don’t realize how many of those people are actually right in own back yard. It’s our belief that if we provide the right platform for you to meet these individuals all around you – you’ll feel less inclined to search outside your general vicinity FOR them.

In any event – stay tuned! And thank you so much for installing our app – and using it! It’s been a long and extremely challenging road to get where we are right now. And it would NOT be worth the trouble without you… Spread the word! It’s only going to get better…

Sal Colascione III
Founder, Cars Connected

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